Request for FEE-HELP assistance

Before completing this form, you must read the FEE-HELP information booklet, available each year from your higher education provider. A copy of this booklet can also be downloaded from here.

You must:

  • complete this form if you are requesting FEE-HELP assistance for some or all of your tuition fees for your unit(s) of study;
  • ensure that you complete each question that is relevant to you, including ticking the relevant boxes. Your form will not be valid unless each question is completed correctly; and
  • submit the completed form on or before the census date for your unit(s) of study. Print a copy of the form for your records. Note that your provider may set an earlier date for the submission of this form - check with your provider.

IMPORTANT: this form is valid for the whole course of study unless you cancel your request for FEE-HELP in writing to your provider. However, you will be entitled to FEE-HELP for a particular unit only if you remain eligible and have sufficient FEE-HELP balance and you must advise your higher education provider if you do not have sufficient FEE-HELP balance to cover tuition fees.

To apply for FEE-HELP you must be enrolled in an approved course. These approved courses are:

  • Diploma of Arts (DAH, DAHF)
  • Diploma of Business Administration (DBH, DBHF)
  • Diploma of Commerce (DDH, DDHF)
  • Diploma of Engineering (DE, DEF)
  • Diploma of Information Technology (DIT, DITF)
  • Diploma of Media and Communication (DMC, DMCF)

Before you can apply: To complete your application form, you must have a personal, valid TFN (Tax File Number). If you do not have a TFN then you will need to arrange a Certificate of Application for a TFN from the Australian Taxation Office.

Please click here to apply for FEE HELP.